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Hearing Loss: Treatment Options To Relieve You

Untreated hearing loss can also have severe implications. Hearing impairment can have symptoms like cognitive decline and depression.

Timely diagnosis of hearing loss is very essential. You can get your hearing loss diagnosed by any one of the following procedures:

Once you’re diagnosed with hearing impairment, the next step is to work towards treating the same. Depending upon the cause and severity of your impairment, you have the following options available for your hearing loss treatment:

Removing Wax Blockage

Ear wax blockage is a reversible cause of hearing loss. If you’re having trouble with listening, consult a doctor immediately. The first basic step for treating hearing loss is checking for any ear wax blockages. If you are facing hearing issues because of this, you need not worry. Ear wax can be easily removed using suction or a small tool having a look in one end.

Surgical Procedures

Hearing impairments including abnormalities of the eardrum or bones of hearing (ossicles) can be treated by performing surgeries. If you tend to face repeated infections with persistent fluid, your doctor might treat you by inserting small tubes to help your ears drain.

Cochlear implants

If your hearing impairment has a larger degree of severity, you might gain limited benefits from a conventional hearing aid. A cochlear implant might be an option in such a case. A hearing aid directs amplified sound in your ear canal. On the other hand, a cochlear implant bypasses the non-working or damaged parts of your inner ear. It directly stimulates the hearing nerve.

Assistive Listening Devices

In some cases, doctors recommend assisting listening, hearing advancement and alerting devices instead of hearing aids. Following are the two types of hearing assistance technologies:

Devices like these assist hearing in a variety of settings:

Signalling and test Display Systems

Signalling and substitution systems convert sound keystrokes into another mode. Devices such as flash lights can benefit people with hearing loss. Substitution systems include:

Aural Rehabilitation

You cannot completely depend on hearing aids or assistive listening devices for correcting your hearing loss. Auditory training, along with these two, can help maximize your hearing abilities. This training consists of:

If you are someone dealing with hearing impairment, it is advised that you seek immediate help. Get treatment according to the kind or severity of hearing loss you are suffering from. Quality Hearing Care has the best hearing lab in Mumbai. Amidst the ongoing pandemic, we are taking care of all the safety protocols. Visit us to book an appointment at the earliest.

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