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We strive to sort your hearing problem with our following streamlined services.

1. Hearing Evaluation

Before getting into details of the services, let us give you an overview of hearing impairment so that you understand your particular problem seamlessly.

Problems occurring in the ear can be understood as:

  • Sensorineural – involves the inner ear
  • Conductive – involves the middle or outer ear
  • Mixed – a combination of the two

The timing of hearing impairment also varies and can be understood as:

  • Congenital – occurs during birth
  • Acquired – occurs at later stages, such as childhood, teenage, or adulthood

There are a plethora of causes that lead to hearing loss. Some of these include:

  • Allergies or infections in the ear
  • Excessive earwax
  • birth defects
  • Aging
  • Chronic exposure to loud noises

Several diseases are associated with hearing impairment. These are:

  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • muscle tension
  • Depression
  • Dementia

We help you in every step of treating your hearing impairment,

beginning with establishing a diagnosis. We do this through our following methods:

a.) Otoscopy:

With this clinical process, we inspect different structures of the ear, especially the external auditory canal, middle ear, and tympanic membrane. Our clinicians check if there is any excess wax or discharge in the affected area.

audiometry test near me

b.) Pure tone Audiometry test(audiometry test near me) 


Pure tone Audiometry test are painless, noninvasive methods that measure the patient’s capability to hear  a variety of sounds, frequencies, or pitches at various levels of hearing. Audiometry is also used to find out if the hearing aids or surgeries have improved the patient’s hearing. We at Quality Hearing Care are dedicated to offering the most comprehensive audiometry service and protecting patients from both long terms as well as short term hearing problems.

Our Process: Our group of experts, with their extensive experience, conduct the audiometric test in the most seamless way possible. The test is carried out by competent professionals in our audiology team inside a sound-proof room. They then play a series of tones, all of them having carrying pitches, which are played through headphones. The noises commence at an audible level, i.e., neither too loud nor low. It is then followed by a slight decrease in the level, for our patients to define their minimum hearing threshold. After every press of button or beep, our hearing care specialist then asks them to indicate by signaling their hands. The final results are then plotted on our audiogram.

Get Optimized Results

The pure tone audiometry test is extremely helpful in establishing the severity of hearing and configuration of hearing loss. Apart from this, it also helps in assessing if you have conductive hearing loss or sensorineural hearing loss.

Price: To get the price of pure tone audiometry test cost in Mumbai. Kindly contact us to book your appointment and  get the best prices.

c.) Speech Test:

A speech Test is a diagnostic test through which we attempt to examine speech discrimination using single words. For this, our audiologist says a few words to our patients through headphones. Following this, they are asked to repeat those words. The audiologist then records the softest speech that they are able to repeat. With this, the idea is to test the word recognition of the patients.Both quiet or noisy places are suitable for the speech testing process. Often, patients suffering from hearing loss state having faced trouble in hearing in noisy places. Hence, with this test, we help you establish how well you can hear in noise.

Speech in Noise Test

Difficulty with hearing in background noise is a common complaint among hearing aid users. Therefore, the measurement of SNR loss (signal-to-noise ratio loss) is important because a person’s ability to understand speech in noise cannot be reliably predicted from the pure tone audiogram. The QuickSIN test was developed to provide a quick estimate of SNR loss. A list of six sentences with five key words per sentence is presented in four-talker babble noise. The sentences are presented at pre-recorded signal-to-noise ratios which decrease in 5-dB steps from 25 (very easy) to 0 (extremely difficult). The SNRs used are: 25, 20, 15, 10, 5 and 0, encompassing normal to severely impaired performance in noise.

The QuickSIN test was developed to

  • Provide a one-minute estimate of SNR loss
  • Provide a quick way for clinicians to quantify a patient’s ability to hear in noise
  • Determine if extended high frequency emphasis improves or degrades understanding of speech in noise
  • Assist professionals in choosing appropriate amplification and other assistive technologies
  • Demonstrate that hearing aids with directional microphones improve speech intelligibility in noise
  • Provide a large number of equivalent test lists for use in clinical and research work
  • Provide information useful in counselling patients regarding realistic expectations

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of a hearing test in Mumbai?

The cost of a hearing test in Mumbai varies depending upon the type of test you need to go for. Your healthcare team may order different sets of tests such as Otoscopy, Pure Tone Audiometry Test, and Speech Test. Each test has a different purpose, done specifically based on individual needs. Normally, the cost at Quality Hearing Care is very reasonable. This enables our patients to get their hearing capacity tested at a minimal cost.

What is the price normal range for a hearing test?

At Quality Hearing Care, we keep the price of hearing tests in Mumbai under the normal range. We want to make hearing tests accessible to everyone without having them pay too much. Rest assured, you can always count on us for the best quality hearing test in Mumbai.

What tests are done for hearing loss?

Hearing tests are how doctors make sure that your ears work well. We go through a series of tests to establish a screening process. The three of the tests we primarily do include otoscopy, pure tone audiometry test, and speech test. Each test is functionally helpful in measuring different aspects of hearing such as short-term and long-term hearing problems or how well you can hear in noise.

Can I get a free hearing test?

Yes, you can get a free online hearing screener test done at our website https://www.qualityhearingcare.com/hearing-test/. This test will help you determine if you should go in for more rigorous in-person testing to determine the precise extent of your hearing loss. 

What is a good hearing test score?

The results of the hearing test can show whether you have hearing loss in one or both ears and how much hearing is gone. For adults, if their responses indicate a number between 0 and 25 dB, it signifies a normal hearing range across the frequency range. Hearing tests in Mumbai scores above this indicate mild to moderate to severe hearing loss depending upon your score. A child is considered to have hearing ability within normal limits if their responses are between 0 to 15 dB across the frequency range.

How reliable are hearing tests?

Because the hearing test covers a wide range of frequencies, it is considered to be highly accurate by healthcare professionals. Handheld audiometers have a sensitivity of 92% and a specificity of 94% when it comes to detecting sensorineural hearing impairment. So, you can trust the quality of the reliable test done by your diagnostic labs. 

What is Pure Tone Audiometry?

Pure-tone audiometry is a standard test of audiological examination. The test assesses whether hearing acuity is normal or impaired. Air conduction hearing thresholds are measured for tonal stimuli at the range of frequencies from 0.125 kHz to 8 kHz with the use of headphones. Hearing sensitivity is plotted on an audiogram, which is a graph displaying intensity as a function of frequency.

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