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Siemens/signia hearing aids Audiology has roots dating back to 1878 when Werner von Siemens developed an improved telephone receiver after noticing people with hearing loss had trouble understanding transmissions. From this foundation, the company built is legacy in the spirit of entrepreneurship, courage, empathy, and the desire to help others.

In 2015, Siemens Audiology transitioned to a new brand Signia under Sivantos, the hearing company with 140 years of German engineering and countless global innovations. Today Sivantos is one of the leading hearing aid manufacturers worldwide.

With the brand Signia, Sivantos started a new chapter in forward-thinking hearing solutions with expertly engineered devices that are almost invisible, highly automated, and adapt to the user’s preferences. The Signia product portfolio provides a comprehensive range of advanced hearing solutions with life-changing technologies that welcome hearing aid wearers to the colors of sound. Because personalized hearing care is what really makes the difference.

Since its launch in 2016, Signia has already brought to the market several world’s firsts solutions. In addition to highly innovative , Signia also delivers tools and apps to increase customer interaction and engagement on all levels of hearing aid management. Signia thus allows hearing care professionals and patients to get the most out of their hearing aids.

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Signia has introduced countless world’s firsts and game-changing hearing aids platforms. In 2015, Signia introduced the primax platform. Signia primax was the world’s first technology clinically proven by independent studies to reduce listening effort throughout the day while providing better than normal hearing in challenging listening environments like busy restaurants and cocktail settings.

In the year of 2017, Signia introduced the Signia Nx platform and the goal here was to ensure a natural listening experience and provide a solution to the own voice problem with Own Voice Processing that provided a benefit to all hearing aid wearers and delivered unsurpassed FirstFit acceptance by combining a natural sounding own voice with uncompromised audibility.

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In 2019, Signia introduced a breakthrough hearing aid platform that understands the complete soundscape and adjusts to the wearer’s movements. Signia Xperience, a new platform that introduces the world’s first combination of advanced acoustic sensors with a built-in motion sensor.

Signia brand stands for forward-thinking innovation and customer-centered solutions. A pioneer in telehealth technology, Signia has offered TeleCare as a way for hearing care professionals to service their patients remotely since 2016. A proven and trusted solution, TeleCare enables HCPs to connect via phone, video, or text-based chats with their patients, discuss their success or challenges, and make any necessary adjustments in real-time.

SpeechMaster – segregates the objective speaker by constricting contending speakers and commotions. It arranges every binaural ability and enhancement boundaries as per the earth.

HD music – offers a superior quality music experience. Utilizing another handling procedure with expanded powerful range and circumstance explicit settings, HD music conveys an excellent, normal music listening experience.

Echoshield – mellow resonations and echoes in conditions, for example, corridors and halls, for improved sound quality and diminished listening exertion.

TwinPhone – improves discernibility and sound quality during phone discussions. Viable with both landline and cell phones TwinPhone gives binaural sound by moving the sound sign into the contrary listening device.

Remote CROS/BICROS – The new remote CROS/BICROS uses a careful transmitter that can be matched with any remote primax instrument. Including phenomenal battery utilization and a low commotion floor, the primax CROS/BICROS likewise includes a streamlined programmed, versatile directional amplifier.

Siemens/Signia Hearing aids Price in Mumbai

Economy Segment Price


16,500-/ upto 30,000-/

Intuis 3

1 PX

Essential Segment Price


40,000-/ upto 1,00,000-/

2 NX

3 PX

Premium Segment Price

5 NX

1,89,000 upto 3,00,000

7 NX

5 X & 7 X

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