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Hearing aid becomes a part of your life and an ultimate friend in acknowledging the sounds around you.

Get your hands on these unparalleled hearing aid accessories if you intend on increasing the lifespan of your hearing aid and extend its functionality.


Hearing aids are either battery-operated or rechargeable. If yours are battery-operated, then keeping extra batteries will come handy to you. This becomes a crucial accessory and certainly the most essential one

What to look for while buying a battery:

Following are the important characteristics you must look for when purchasing a battery:

  • Long-lasting
  • Excellent amplification
  • Distortion-free usage
  • High voltage
  • Stable voltage
  • Easily disposable

Batteries are categorized using color codes. This is done to ensure that the user gets the right type of battery

  • Blue for size 675 batteries
  • Brown for size 312 batteries
  • Orange for size 13 batteries
  • Yellow for size 10 batteries

To ensure the longevity of batteries, shut down the hearing aid when they start to worn out. Also, open doors of the battery compartment while sleeping.


Disposable batteries are not environment friendly. Therefore it is advised for Hearing Aid users to opt for rechargeable batteries. These batteries are not only environment friendly but also pocket friendly.

Stocking up extra packs of batteries and replacing them time and again can be exhaustive. In such cases, rechargeable batteries come handy. These rechargeable batteries eliminate the constant need of carrying extra batteries.

Silver-zinc and/or Lithium-ion batteries can power your Hearing aid device for 12-24 hours. These rechargeable batteries may lose their strength to carry charge, that’s when you can simply change the batteries just like the disposable batteries.

Cleaning tools

The best precautionary measure to ensure the long life of your hearing aid device is the cleaning and maintaining them. Following are some of the usual tools you can use to clean your device:

  • Cleaning brush: These brushes are best suitable for cleaning as well as polishing the interior of your device.
  • Multifunctional stylus: It is a combination of a wire loop and a brush. This tool is pen-sized and helps you to fasten your cleaning process.
  • Wax pick: Earwax tends to reduce the hearing aids’ performance. In order to mitigate the issue, wax picks will help you comfortably and carefully scrape the wax.
  • Vent cleaner: This is a thin rod-like tool. It helps to capture debris and wax.

Storage case: Keeping all the tools in a safe case allows you to make it portable. This purpose is fulfilled by the storage case


Keeping the hearing aids away from moisture is critical for its longevity. A dehumidifier is one such accessory that can help you keep your aids safely. Hearing care professionals recommend to use these dehumidifiers overnight.

There are mainly two types of dehumidifiers: Electric and Non-electric.

While electric dehumidifiers have an in-built electric fan, the non-electric ones use gel or desiccant to get rid of moisture.

They are easy to operate and immensely useful for those who stay in a humid environment.

Bluetooth Streamer

This is one of the most advanced hearing aids. They are Bluetooth compatible and help the hearing aids to easily connect with other devices such as mobile phones, television, MP3 players, etc.

Tv Transmitter

With the TV transmitter, you can easily stream the Tv sounds. This will help you connect your hearing aids with the TV and ensure that the sound is directly streamed in your ears. Available in both rechargeable and non-rechargeable, you can connect these TV transmitters either with a cord or bluetooth.

Remote Control

Controlling the hearing aids has never been easier. Gain the control right at your fingertips with the Remote control. These remote controls help you manage the hearing aids in the simplest manner. Adjust the volume, set programs, stream, and much more with just these remote controls.

FM Technology

Get empowered with the latest FM technology and get rid of the background noise. This FM technology helps you to connect and pick up sound from the source and transmit directly to you. Thus improving the sound clarity and eliminating background noise.

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