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Feel free to contact us: 07738957000

About Us

Our Story

“Blindness cuts us off from things, but deafness cuts us off from people.”

This moving quote by Helen Keller aptly describes what people experiencing a loss of hearing go through. Thankfully, this condition needn’t go unheard.

Quality Hearing Care, a Hearing Aid Centre in Mumbai, was established with one strong motive – to ensure that hearing loss doesn’t cost a patient their connection with their family, friends and society.

At Quality Health Care, as an audiology clinic, we understand the profound impact of hearing loss on one’s life. 

Quality Hearing Care was established with the best Audiology Setup in Mumbai with one strong motive – to ensure that the loss of hearing doesn’t cost a patient his / her connection with their family, friends, and society. Using that as our driving force, our audiologists have spent the last three decades providing hearing solutions and support to all our patients.

Why Choose Us

Management of hearing loss isn’t simply about getting a prescription, or purchasing a hearing aid – it is a journey. Which is why we are not just a hearing aid centre; we are partners.

There are four milestones in the journey of managing hearing loss:

At Quality Hearing Care, patients and their families are encouraged to open up about their hearing issues. We understand that just as every patient’s condition is unique, so is their lifestyle. Hence, the hearing solutions offered are highly personalized to each of our patients.
We take pride in partnering each one’s journey, right from hearing to communicating. Connect with us on Facebook for more tips and updates.

Our Expertise

In our three decades since inception, we have blended traditional knowledge with modern hearing technology, to offer our patients the best of both worlds.
We house a team of veteran Hearing Care Experts and a dedicated Support Staff at service.
Our Audiologists onboard are highly skilled in assessing and programming the latest hearing instrument technology from companies worldwide. They are also trained by the best audiologist in Mumbai.
Most importantly, we employ our collective expertise to do more than just prescribe the best hearing aid – we use it to help each patient improve their quality of life.

Our Team

Dr. Prabha Unadkat

MBBS, MD - Founder

Dr Prabha Unadkat has been the founder and a practising veteran at Quality Hearing Care since its inception. After serving as the Department in Charge of Anesthesiology at the esteemed JJ Group of Hospitals in Mumbai for 12 years, she decided to pursue Audiology to provide much-needed medical assistance to those with hearing loss.

One of her notable achievements is promoting the integration of deaf children in regular schools and universities, improving accessibility to education available for deaf children with normal hearing. This has resulted in many children being employed in prestigious positions, which has resulted in reducing the economic burden on the family.Dr. Prabha is recognized as a key opinion leader who is advancing the audiology profession. She regularly speaks at national and global conferences in Asia Pacific and Africa on Excellence in Customer Experience and Practice Management.

Over the last three decades, Dr. Prabha has not only helped her patients and their families but has also actively gained knowledge in the field, using it to benefit her patients. She leads a closely monitored and trained team to provide patients with the best solutions and hearing technology. She has a personal rapport with each of her patients and their families.

Dr. Bindu Parikh

MBBS, DA - Medical Consultant

Dr. Bindu Parikh has been a part of Quality Hearing Care as a valued medical consultant for almost two decades. Her motivation to move her career towards this field came from knowing that she can be a partner in every patient’s journey towards successfully handling hearing loss, and improving their quality of life.

Lending an understanding ear to her patients and their families, she provides sound counselling and best-suited hearing technology solutions to them. Her recommendations are based not just on the patient’s requirement, but also their lifestyle.
While Dr. Bindu loves to relax by experimenting in her kitchen or by watching food blogs, if her favorite music is playing, she is equally delighted to step on to the dance floor!

Taranbir Singh Kochar

Head of Audiology

Welcome to Taranbir Singh’s World of Audiology!

With a passion for transforming lives through sound, Taranbir Singh is a highly recognized professional in the hearing aid industry. Armed with a Masters Degree in Audiology from the prestigious T.N. Medical College & B.Y.L. Nair Hospital in Mumbai, Taranbir boasts an impressive career that spans over three decades. Throughout his work career, he has been an instrumental force at Signia (formerly Siemens) Hearing Instruments, where he served as the Head of Audiology & Marketing for more than 25 years. Drawing from a wealth of global experience, Taranbir has been at the forefront of advancements in audiology, dedicating his expertise to enhancing the professional skills of hearing care providers.
As an esteemed industry leader, Taranbir Singh’s commitment to cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions has earned him widespread recognition and respect. His unwavering dedication to the field of audiology has not only shaped the industry but also touched the lives of countless hearing impaired individuals, enabling them to connect with the world of sound in a profound way. Here, on this platform, you will find a treasure trove of knowledge and insights into the fascinating realm of audiology. Whether you’re seeking expert advice, the latest advancements, or simply looking to unravel the wonders of hearing, Taranbir Singh’s expertise and passion for audiology will be your guiding light. Embark on a transformative journey of hearing healthcare excellence with Taranbir Singh – a trailblazer in audiology, a visionary in the hearing aid industry, and a true advocate for the power of sound.

Amir Ahmed


Amir is our Audiologist and is an integral part of Quality Hearing Care. He brings five years of experience in conducting thorough hearing evaluation of every patient, which forms the foundation of all diagnosis and treatment. Amir understands that hearing loss needs to be evaluated beyond just audiometric factors, and hence he takes into account the patient’s lifestyle, surroundings and hearing requirements to make a complete assessment. This helps in selecting the right amplification device for each of our patients. Amir is also responsible for ensuring the proper fitting of a hearing aid. We understand that every hearing aid will require post-purchase maintenance, battery changes, and more. Simply give Amir a visit for post follow-up maintenance of the hearing aid, as he is always happy to help.


Priyanka Gond


Priyanka is our enthusiastic and qualified audiologist, experienced in offering children and adult patients a full range of audiology services, with a goal of achieving optimal patient care and satisfaction. Priyanka is efficient in performing diagnostic hearing evaluations and treatment methods from newborns to elderly population.
Priyanka is an expert in performing hearing aid evaluation and fittings for both pediatric and adult population. She effectively helps and guides patients to choose the right hearing aids considering their individual requirements and professional/non-professional lifestyle.
Priyanka provides patient/parent/family counseling support and guidance during follow ups which helps the patients to clear their doubts and settles them in all terms – socially/emotionally/psychologically. Priyanka is capable to address any queries that you may have regarding your hearing problem.

Mrugaya Shirodkar

Patient Care Executive

When people connect with Quality Hearing Care, they first connect with Mrugaya, our welcoming and efficient Patient Care Executive. Be it a first-time consultation or a follow-up, Mrugaya seamlessly manages all appointments, ensuring a hassle-free experience for our patients and their families. She is also personally involved in collecting each patient’s personal information and hearing problems, along with our Audiologist, Amir. With her ample experience garnered at Quality Hearing Service, she is also equipped to help out with hearing-aid related issues, repair and maintenance requirements of our patients. But most importantly, Mrugaya helps every patient and family member feel at ease when they are at Quality Hearing Care.
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