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The Pros and Cons of an Online Hearing Test

The ongoing testing times have pushed most of us into the safety of our four walls. Risking the road to get a hearing test might seem like a daunting idea at the moment. But, does that mean you should be ignoring and delaying your hearing tests? Absolutely NOT!

Standing at the dawn of Web 2.0, we now have the technology to conduct audiometry tests online from the comfort and safety of your home. Unfortunately, online hearing tests are shrouded in myths. We are here to tell you the pros and cons of the test so that you can make an informed decision.

The Pros of Online Hearing Test

  • The safe zone of your home

We have come to appreciate the protective nature of our home now more than ever. Online hearing tests eliminate the need for you to travel to our hearing test and aid center. There is no need for you to worry about contamination, safe distancing, and the risk of infection when you can get your ears tested from your home.

  • The perfect solution for the busy bees

Although hearing loss has massive ramifications on one’s quality of life, the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) reveals it takes about 7 years on average for a patient to identify the shortcoming. Experts are of the opinion that people are too busy to pay attention to the tell-tale signs of hearing loss. And, even when they do see the red flags, their busy modern lifestyle and schedule make it difficult for them to get a hearing test in person.

This is when our 10 minutes online hearing tests come to the rescue. You can sit at your desk during a coffee break and have your ears tested quickly. 

  • Test the waters to get comfortable

A lot of people, especially kids, can feel extremely overwhelmed to get their first audiometry test done in person. So, warming them up with a free online hearing test is a great idea to prepare them for an in-person hearing test conducted by an audiologist.

The Cons of Online Hearing Test

  • Unreliable results

Although one gets the convenience of getting the test done from their home or office, the results can get distorted owing to background noises or earphones of poor quality. So, the accuracy of an online hearing test is a matter of hot debate.

  • Not guided by an expert

At Quality Hearing Care, our seasoned audiologists not only diagnose your hearing issues and related disorders but also help you choose the perfect plan of treatment, hearing aid, and/or implants to bring relief to your pain. An online hearing test doesn’t even come close to their expertise.

  • Online tests cannot help with treatment

An online test is a preliminary test that may help you identify your hearing loss but you will need to come to our doctors and audiologist to treat your condition. An online test cannot help you build a treatment plan.


An online hearing test is a great tool if you are suspicious about your hearing abilities or the lack thereof. However, you must visit our professionals for an accurate diagnosis and further treatment.

Why waste time?

Go try our free 10 minutes online hearing test NOW!

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