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How Can Hearing Aids Assist School Aged Children?

If your school going child has recently been detected with hearing loss issues by a good hearing aid centre in Mumbai, it is natural for you to have certain questions and concerns. The first step that you can take towards your child’s hearing health is to get them fitted with a good quality hearing aid. Hearing loss is closely associated with speech and language skill development. To make sure your child doesn’t lag behind in these two essential areas of learning, provide them with an appropriate hearing loss treatment at the earliest.

The concept of childhood hearing loss

If a child can’t hear sounds below a certain level of volume, they are likely to be suffering from hearing loss. The minimum threshold of audible volume ranges from 15 to 20 decibels (dB). Some children might suffer from mild hearing loss. Others might have a moderate or profound hearing loss. Depending up on the hearing test results, childhood hearing loss can be unilateral (in one ear) or bilateral (in both ears).

Loss of hearing isn’t just a matter of volume. It also involves the loss of pitch or frequency. Hearing loss affects different children differently. Some might face issues in hearing a low pitched sound but hear high pitched sounds easily. Others might face just the reverse of this. It is necessary to know the degree of hearing loss in one or both ears of your child in order to fully understand their hearing loss and get the right treatment.

Signs of hearing loss in school aged children

Probable causes behind childhood hearing loss

Hearing tests conducted for children

Auditory brainstem response test

Play audiometry

Pure tone audiometry

Bone conduction test


Middle ear muscle reflex

Types of hearing losses in children

Whether your child suffers from mild, moderate, severe or profound hearing loss, their impairment falls in one of these three categories:

Sensorineural hearing loss

Conductive hearing loss

Mixed hearing loss

Components of a hearing aid

If you wear a hearing aid, it gradually becomes your best friend. It is essential to know how your best friend helps you to listen better. Here is a list of the components that a hearing aid typically comprises of:

How do hearing aids help children?

If your child is facing hearing loss issues, it is essential for you to get them tested by an audiologist and start the treatment at the earliest. Hearing aids can help your child develop better social and communication skills. There is a variety of hearing aids available in the market. Depending up on your child’s case, the audiologist will suggest what kind of a hearing aid to go in for.

The different types of hearing aids are:

How to make your child feel comfortable with the hearing aid?

If your school going child is suffering from hearing loss, they might tend to feel alienated amongst fellow students at school. This might happen as a result of having to consistently wear the hearing aid. You must communicate to your child about what they’re going through and how they’re feeling about it. Ensure them that you’re there by their side in this entire journey of treating hearing loss. This will help them become more confident and feel a lot more independent.

Quality Hearing Care is the best hearing aid centre in Mumbai. If your child is suffering from loss of hearing, visit us to provide them with the best quality hearing aids which will assist them that they’ll feel at par with their peers in school.

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