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Hearing Aids Assisting Older Adults

One of the most common ailments that arises with ageing is the loss of hearing. Studies and researches have proved that ageing plays a significant role in hearing impairment and cognitive function. This was assessed by measuring audiometric results of older adults. WHO estimates 1/3rd of older adults over the age of 65 and 2/3rd above 70 years suffer from hearing loss. A declined cognitive function and worsening communication skills are some of the adverse effects that loss of hearing poses on older adults.

Age related hearing loss can occur due to multiple reasons

Presbycusis is the name given to age related hearing loss. It happens either due to a family history or because of some damage in the inner ear or auditory nerve. It makes a person less tolerant of loud noise.  Even though this type of hearing loss is gradual, it generally effects both the ears. With the advancement of technology, hearing aids like Signia hearing aids and Phonak hearing aids come in very handy to older adults with hearing impairments.

Signs and symptoms of age related hearing loss

Types of age related hearing loss

Hearing loss can occur in different forms depending on the degree of severity – from mild, top severe to profound. Age related hearing loss is generally of the following types:

Sensorineural hearing loss

Conductive hearing loss

Mixed hearing loss

Treatment of age related hearing loss

How can hearing aids help older adults for hearing better?

Types and features of hearing aids to choose from

Signia hearing aids

Phonak hearing aids

At Quality Hearing Care, your health is our priority. We deal in both Signia and Phonak hearing aids for providing you the best assistance with your hearing loss treatment. Visit our clinic to book an appointment.

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