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Our aim is to offer sound advice, and our passion lies in improving every patient’s quality of life.

Quality Hearing Care


Dr. Prabha Unadkat

MBBS, MD - Founder

Dr. Prabha Unadkat is the founder and a practicing veteran at Quality Hearing Care, since its inception. After serving as the Department in Charge of Anesthesiology at the esteemed JJ Group of Hospitals in Mumbai for 12 years, she took the decision to pursue Audiology and bring much needed sound medical aid to those suffering from hearing loss.

She is acknowledged as a Key Opinion Leader responsible for advancing the profession of Audiology. She is a regular speaker at National and Global Conferences in Asia Pacific and Africa, on topics of Excellence in Customer Experience and Practice Management.

In the last three decades, Dr. Prabha has not only spent time helping her patients and their families, but has also actively gathered knowledge in the field, and used it to the benefit of her patients. She leads a closely monitored and trained team to serve every patient with the best of solutions and hearing technology.

She shares a personal rapport with each of her patients and their families, and if one spoke with her long enough, one would stumble upon Dr. Prabha’s love for travel and passion for professional photography!


Dr. Bindu Parikh

MBBS, DA - Medical Consultant

Dr. Bindu Parikh has been a part of Quality Hearing Care as a valued medical consultant for almost two decades. Her motivation to move her career towards this field came from knowing that she can be a partner in every patient’s journey towards successfully handling hearing loss, and improving their quality of life.

Lending an understanding ear to her patients and their families, she provides sound counselling and best-suited hearing technology solutions to them. Her recommendations are based not just on the patient’s requirement, but also their lifestyle.

While Dr. Bindu loves to relax by experimenting in her kitchen or by watching food blogs, if her favourite music is playing, she is equally delighted to step on to the dance floor!
Amir Ahmad Audiologist in Quality Hearing Care

Amir Ahmed


Amir is our Audiologist and is an integral part of Quality Hearing Care. He brings five years of experience in conducting thorough hearing evaluation of every patient, which forms the foundation of all diagnosis and treatment. Amir understands that hearing loss needs to be evaluated beyond just audiometric factors, and hence he takes into account the patient’s lifestyle, surroundings and hearing requirements to make a complete assessment. This helps in selecting the right amplification device for each of our patients. Amir is also responsible for ensuring the proper fitting of a hearing aid. We understand that every hearing aid will require post-purchase maintenance, battery changes, and more. Simply give Amir a visit for post follow-up maintenance of the hearing aid, as he is always happy to help.

MRUGAYA SHIRODKAR Receptionist of Quality Hearing Care

Mrugaya Shirodkar

Patient Care Executive

When people connect with Quality Hearing Care, they first connect with Mrugaya, our welcoming and efficient Patient Care Executive. Be it a first-time consultation or a follow-up, Mrugaya seamlessly manages all appointments, ensuring a hassle-free experience for our patients and their families. She is also personally involved in collecting each patient’s personal information and hearing problems, along with our Audiologist, Amir. With her ample experience garnered at Quality Hearing Service, she is also equipped to help out with hearing-aid related issues, repair and maintenance requirements of our patients. But most importantly, Mrugaya helps every patient and family member feel at ease when they are at Quality Hearing Care.

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