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The Missing Notes

“One good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain”

– Bob Marley

Music makes the brain happy. It gives us ways to express ourselves when we cannot put it in words. It is a form of art that everyone understands and interprets in different ways. What happens when we listen to a song we love? It releases the chemical dopamine in our brains – a hormone associated with pleasure. Music has the ability to reduce pain and anxiety and help us in stressful situations.

Turn Up The Music

Music makes us reminisce – taking us down memory lane. Bringing back memories both happy and sad, music helps us connect with our emotional sides. But sometimes we find a song that we’ve heard a thousand times seems to have a few notes missing. Why is that?

Quality Hearing Care

Many people who experience hearing loss find that they cannot hear certain high notes on a piano or even a guitar. This is because when you have hearing loss, your hearing range changes. It means you have difficulty hearing high frequencies. Any noise louder than 85 decibels can damage the fragile hair cells in the ears that pick up sound, and once they are damaged they cannot heal or grow back. Sounds such as flutes, birdsong or even the high pitched beeping coming from the microwave can as such, be difficult to hear.

Love listening to music? Why stop?

There are a wide variety of treatments and hearing aids available to help you. Hearing aid technology has improved dramatically in the past ten years. Not only are they more comfortable than ever, there are a number of hearing aids that are programmed to have a special setting just for music. This program can usually enhance the sounds of music more accurately.

To learn how Quality Hearing Care can help you enjoy the music that you once loved, schedule a visit with a hearing care professional.