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Facing problems with your Hearing Aid?

Are you finding it hard to keep your hearing aid perfectly functioning?

Do you notice how crucial Hearing Aid Repairs become after a certain time?

Worry not! Our team of hearing healthcare professionals will help you with all kinds of Hearing Aid Repairs.

Hearing Aid is a miraculous device that can solve the problem of hearing loss. These devices are small in size; however, their functionality is advanced. To ensure that your hearing aid functions at an optimal level, repairs are strongly recommended. Also, if you suspect some irregularity in the functioning of the hearing aid, ‘Repairs’ will make your device as good as new.

Whether there is an aging issue, physical damage, debris damage, excessive earwax or moisture, or something else; our hearing specialist will evaluate the issue thoroughly and do the necessary repairs.

Issues with the Hearing Aids

Hearing aids, after a while, experience failures and require immediate repairs. While you may find that your hearing aid has not experienced any physical damage, the problem may be from within. Four of the most common hearing aids issues are:

  1. Lack of sound
  2. A soft sound, almost unclear
  3. Distorted sounds
  4. Whistling problems

On an individual level, you can try troubleshooting to get rid of such issues. However, if you find yourself unable to do that, seek the assistance of a hearing healthcare professional.

Our trained and experienced professionals will evaluate, diagnose, and fix the hearing aid

Factory Repairs

Minor repairs can be done at our office in not more than a few hours. But in certain cases, factory repairs become indispensable. Our Audiologist will determine the need for factory repairs and ensure to get the hearing aid fixed with an additional 6-12 months warranty.

Broken Hearing Aids

Does your hearing aid have a Broken tube or a broken microphone? Don’t Fret over it.

Our team understands the need for a functional hearing aid at all times. The hearing aids may get broken after a while. The good news is that they can be easily repaired.

  • Broken tube: The damage of the tube is common. In fact, its degradation is usual after a certain time period. In case the debris is caught in the tube, it gets overstretched and resists the sound flow. Interestingly, this can be quickly resolved by our expert professionals.
  • Broken microphone: When this happens, your hearing aid will not be able to receive sounds and relay the same. In such cases, depending on our audiologists who will ensure that your broken microphone is repaired or replaced. Either way, you will have a full functioning hearing aid.

Prevention of Hearing Aid Repairs

While hearing aid repairs become an obligation after exhaustive use, regular maintenance can keep your hearing aid working for a long period of time. Adopt the following practices to prevent wearing-off your hearing aid:

  1. Clean your product on a regular basis. Use a dry cloth for this purpose.
  2. Don’t leave the door of the battery compartment unattended or open for a long time.
  3. Use a wax guard.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to repair a hearing aid?

The cost of hearing aid repair services in Mumbai depends on the extent of the damage. Minor repairs can be done at the office only in just a few hours but if the damage demands factory repairs, it is sent for additional repairing services. Depending on the type of hearing aid you wear, the type of repair or replacement part needed, and whether or not it’s still under warranty will determine how much it will cost.

How do you fix a broken hearing aid?

Our hearing aid repair services in Mumbai begin with an understanding of the damage to the hearing aid. In case of broken hearing aid, depending upon which part is damaged, our expert professionals resolve the issue. You will have a full-functioning hearing aid no matter if the tube is damaged or the microphone.

Why can’t I hear out of my hearing aids?

Hearing aids are always susceptible to technical difficulties. They are complicated pieces of machinery and sometimes hearing aid wearers can encounter issues with their hearing aids. Check if the hearing aid is on and the battery is fully charged.

Are hearing aid repairs possible at home if they are dead?

You can fix hearing aids at home only if there is no physical damage to them. First thing first, examine them for any visible crack or breakage in the shell. If there is any, then only expert professionals can repair the breakage or replace them if needed. If there is no physical damage, then you may read the manual to identify the possible issue. In certain cases, manuals may help you fix the issue at home.

Why do my hearing aids have low output?

In such cases, your hearing aids may not be dead but not loud enough for you to hear well. Introspect them visually if in case they are dead. Examine to:

  • Check the ear molds and the tubing
  • Check the program button settings
  • Check the volume control settings
  • Have your ears checked for wax buildup

Why are my hearing aids whistling?

Hearing aid squealing or hearing aid whistling is technically known as Hearing Aid Feedback or Acoustic feedback. The hearing aids elevate the sound picked up by the microphone; this sound reaches the ear canal. If this sound leaks out of the ear, it may be picked up by the same microphone and amplified again which is referred to as hearing aid feedback. In the latest digital hearing aids, this feature involves the automatic suppression or reduction in the sound when the hearing aid detects the feedback.

Why won’t my hearing aid stay in my ear?

Whether it’s a Behind-the-ear or Receiver-in-the-canal or a Complete-in-the-canal or any style or type of hearing aid has to fit well into the ears. At times, you need to twist the hearing aid a little or pull the earlobes a little to make room for the hearing aids to get into the right fit and position. If the fit is not right, the hearing aid may come off. 

Why does my hearing aid keep turning off and on?

The reason to frequent off and on for hearing aid could be water or moisture. A mixture in any form can spoil your hearing aid unless your hearing aid is water-resistant. Secondly, a hearing aid with a weak or dying battery will also shut down at times in between.

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