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Get To Know How The Current Pandemic Reveals Hearing Loss Issues

The current Covid-19 virus pandemic that started way back in late 2019 in Wuhan Province, China managed to spread across the globe. Most countries are suffering from this issue and millions of people have contracted this disease. The majority managed to escape death. However, some are reported to suffer various types of ailments including hearing loss that is directly or indirectly related to this disease.

Hearing Issues

It has become for everyone, be it a celebrity or the normal man, young, old, or even children to stay indoors to break the dangerous chain. Wave after wave is torturing mankind and testing the preparedness of nations to combat this life-taking disease. Everyone is now compelled to wear a mask covering the mouth and nose fully when leaving the home, be it for the market, office, or just about anywhere. There are some who can be noticed to be wearing two masks at a time, one over the other to ensure enhanced protection. Although, it can be stifling and breathing can become tough, but still it is much better than getting affected by this disease and losing a life.

Occasionally, some people have reported having a tough time trying to her conversations with others. If you visit the local grocery store or attend doctor’s appointments, you find voices of receptionists and cashiers to be somewhat distorted and muffled. At times, the situation becomes so bad that you can hardly understand even a single word of what is being said by the other person. The reason is because they are also wearing masks to protect themselves. Medical experts claim that the mask is not necessarily the main source of all your hearing difficulties. Rather, the issue that you face could be with your own hearing abilities. If said properly, the muffled voices that you get to hear during this pandemic might be your hearing impairment getting exposed.

Masks Do Muffle Speech

The best masks are created to offer adequate protection to the wearer are designed to avoid further spread of water droplets and airborne particles. In case of Covid-19 virus, wearing masks is found to be quite beneficial. Evidence found states water droplets to be the main factor for spread of this virus to others from the infected person. But still research is being conducted in this regard to confirm this finding or to identify other sources. Until then, wearing masks is the best way to stay protected. It is quite successful to stop and limit spread of Covid virus.

However, chances are the same masks could interfere with easy sound wave movement. It tends to muffle somewhat human voice thus making the hearer to face difficulties in understanding the words being said. This is not a major concern for many people. But if you are troubled with hearing loss, then muffled voices around you can be a serious concern that should be taken care of immediately. You may not be able to understand the words clearly, thus requiring the other person to repeat loudly. If you suffer from this problem, then you should without any further delay consult the professionals at the best hearing care clinic in Mumbai.

Hearing Impairment Compensated By Your Brain

It could be that you are facing difficulty trying to understand what mask wearers are trying to say to you. Perhaps, voices are muffled. However, this is not the only reason for your not being able to hear the other person. It is much more than that. The human brain to a greater degree is skilled to compensate to fluctuate in sound quality. In case you are not able to hear what is happening around, then the situation will be taken care and adjusted by your brain. The information derived is used by your brain to interpret what’s exactly being said, analysed and a remedy is provided. Your brain tends to synthesize several physical clues such as body language, facial expressions, lip movements, etc., thereby compensating your inability to hear clearly the words.

But with the other person wearing a mask, it is quite natural for such visual cues to be concealed. This means, you are not in a position to view the person’s lip movement or his/her mouth position. You fail to understand if the person is smiling or frowning.

Mental Fatigue

The human brain does have a tough time interpreting words being said, especially without deriving that additional visual information. This means, you get to hear only mumbles and nothing else. Even if the brain tries to makes of the words being said, it is clear that it is likely to get tired very soon trying. A continuously compensating brain under regular conditions might result in significant mental exhaustion. At times, it can even cause memory loss or impatience build-up. As masks are worn, your brain is likely to get much more tired. But then, masks are essential to refrain from covid virus and cannot be avoided.

Hearing Solutions

Many people who assumed themselves to be in good health are only finding that the current pandemic is revealing their hearing loss issues. This concern is only getting more focus with time and needs proper and quick remedy before it enhances further before treatment. Hearing loss does not happen overnight. Rather, it occurs very slowly with time. In other circumstances, it is not easy to recognize this issue.

Many tend to ignore the initial symptoms experienced as hearing starts to decline. They might simply turn up the music or their television screen to hear well. But this way, you will only be nurturing your hearing problems. Over time, you may also lose your hearing abilities temporarily or even permanently.

Hence, if you notice such issues, then it is essential on your part to immediately visit the nearest hearing aid clinic to get proper diagnosing and treatment. You should not leave the issues just like that. Rather, consulting the best ENT will help you to regain back your original hearing abilities like before. The professionals will use the latest medical tools to diagnose your hearing issues much early, thus ensuring with treatment, it does not develop further.

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